There is no shortage of people
buying fine art at modest prices.
No home is complete without fine art. 

General Questions

Can I see what is covered by the insurance?

All our artworks are fully insured against possible theft, damage and even against force majeure. After you obtain Art Invest Partner status you will get access to the complete set of legal documents.

Are the paintings insured?

Yes, all our paintings are insured. Furthermore, once you become an Art Invest Partner and decide which artwork you will invest in, you will also become the owner of the insurance policy.

Which period and artist’s artwork are you associated with?

Above all we trade and offer our Art Invest Partners the opportunity to share ownership in modern and contemporary art pieces. We also offer shares in any artwork which, in our professional opinion, has a substantial commercial value.

Who is the intended target group of Art Invest Partners?

There are millions of potential investors with limited budgets who still want to be able to make a secure profit. Many of them don't know how to get started or where to invest. The Art Invest Partners program is designed for this audience.

What fine art do you purchase? Do you offer shares in fine art which costs hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars?

While an original Picasso for $150 million or a Modigliani for $170 million may be out of reach for most people, there is no shortage of fine art buyers at more modest prices. After all, one doesn’t have to be a corporation, law firm, professional organization, or an institution to buy or invest only in well-priced works of art.

Middle class investors with modest financial capabilities are our main target audience. We search for, buy, and sell artwork for this market of buyers.

Why invest in art as an Art Invest Partner?

Becoming an Art Invest Partner and investing with us is beneficial because:

- You co-own the artwork with us, based on a transparent contract. This means that we share all the responsibility with you.

- As co-owners of the artwork, we are interested in trading with the highest possible profit margins and making as fast a turnaround as possible.

- As co-owners we rigorously protect your investment because it is our own investment, too.

- Your investment is secure – each piece of artwork is insured by a leading insurance company to protect it from theft, damage, etc.

- We do all the hard work to ensure a highly profitable sale, as this will benefit both parties and maximize the profit of our mutual investment.

- We guarantee the authenticity and the provenance of each artwork, regardless of its value.

- You can trust our advice as to which artwork you should invest in, as we will be making the same investment.

Where is the artwork stored?

All artwork is stored in our special, secured facilities in Prague and in Paris under 24/7/365 surveillance using state-of-the-art technology.

Do you offer shares in other asset classes?

We focus on fine art only. We do not offer investments in fine wine, vintage vehicles, stringed instruments, rare gems, etc.

How can an Art Invest Partner be sure the artwork has been purchased at a fair price?

We purchase or accept art for sale with profit in mind, therefore fair prices are crucial to us. Our experts monitor and analyze the market constantly in order to make a good profit.

How do you work to promote and sell art?

Our sales strategy includes organizing exhibitions, printing catalogues, and co-operating with our respective partner institutions, galleries, auction houses and art dealers to promote the artwork worldwide and add value to it.

We also arrange sales through our extensive client list.

How long does it normally take to sell an artwork?

Although we put maximum effort into selling the art, it takes some time and planning if we want to get the best price for the artwork. Two to five years after purchase is a realistic period for the next sale. 

Can I buy a share in any artwork from your collection?

Yes. Each membership program offers an appropriate selection of artwork to invest in. Discuss this with your account manager to get more information.

Can I buy a share in artwork from other galleries?

Our membership program is exclusively for the artwork which we possess or represent.

What happens if I don’t like the artwork you offer me to invest in?

We are not offering you artwork to be collected. Instead, we offer artwork as a profit making scheme. We estimate the potential sell-on value and eventual profit of artwork – you don’t have to like it!

What is the difference between investing in fine art and traditional investments like assets and stocks?

In the world of fine art, stock market crashes, corrections, and financial fluctuations are nonexistent. Thus, the fine art investor has a relatively peaceful life when compared to the volatility of other kinds of investment.

This is one of the biggest advantages in investing in art.

Can I sell my co-ownership share to someone else?

No, you cannot sell your share to someone else. If you wish to sell your share, you must contact us first and, with your account manager, find the most appropriate solution. We will offer your share to our existing members or to candidates from our waiting list. We expect you to understand that we are offering a very beneficial investment membership intended only for our trusted Art Invest Partners.

Are there any additional expenses for the co-owner?

As a co-owner you share not only the profit but also all operating costs including (but not limited to) professional service providers' fees and costs, insurance, transportation, shipping and storage.

For longer membership plans you will share the expenses.

For example: during the calendar year the artwork will be exhibited with 200 other works of art. The expenses of catalogue preparation and printing, the transportation of artwork, additional insurance, framing, advertisement, etc., are incurred. These expenses are shared between all artwork owners, including us, for the works which are being exhibited.

These operating costs will not exceed 2% of the artwork’s net asset value per year.

If you have a Basic membership subscription with minimal profit gain, then all operating costs are carried by the company.

Financial Questions

Are there any membership termination fines?

No. However, we expect you to understand that if you terminate your membership before it ends and the artwork has not been sold, you do not get any profit.

How do I receive my payout from the sale? Can I get it in cash at your office or in some alternative way?

Your share will be wire transferred to the bank account that you registered with us when becoming an Art Invest Partner. We do not offer any alternative payment methods.

Will I receive my share of the profits if my co-ownership artwork is sold before the membership period ends?

You will receive your share of the profit in full within 90 days after the sale has been verified.

This time frame is necessary in order to give the buyer our guaranteed 7-to-14-day full refund option, along with time to complete the necessary paperwork between the company and the buyer on completion of purchase.

Is there a credit check or checking the sources of funds ?

No, we are not a revenue organization. It is your obligation and your responsibility to operate with legal funds.

Are there minimum and maximum amounts for an Art Invest Partner for buying a share in artwork?

There are specific minimum and maximum amounts required for each membership plan to become an Art Invest Partner and to purchase a share in artwork.

Check our How It Works section for detailed information.

Can I reinvest my profit from a sale if my membership plan is still active?

Yes, of course you can purchase a share in another artwork. However, after every payout the relationship must conform to a new agreement and new starting date.


What documents do I have to present when I sign to get access to the Art Invest Partner program?

You will need to present a valid government-issued ID with photo and provide a valid bank account number.


Who can obtain an Art Invest Partner membership?

We welcome all verified users with legal funds that qualify as Art Invest Partners. Anyone who is over the age of 18 and legally entitled to invest in their country of residence can join Art Invest Partners, and start investing in artworks from 2,000 euro upwards.

Please, remember that it is your sole responsibility to consult a tax attorney in your country of residence if concerned about potential tax implications.

Are there any geographic restrictions to membership?

We welcome all verified users from all over the world with legal funds that qualify as Art Invest Partners.

Please, remember that it is your sole responsibility to consult a tax attorney in your country of residence if concerned about potential tax implications.

Can I purchase shares in different artworks simultaneously?

Yes, as an Art Invest Partner you can purchase shares in different artworks.
You can discuss all your opportunities with your account manager.

Life makes changes to our plans sometimes. Can I terminate my membership before the end of my plan?

Yes, certainly. You can leave the program anytime you want without giving a reason and reclaim your money. It is up to you whether you want to quit the project or not. If you initiate the termination of your membership before its end date, we 100% guarantee return of your share value less administrative costs and bank fees. It is your money and we will return it to you at your first request.

We will make all efforts to make this process as easy as possible. However, you must understand that we need time to find a replacement for your equity. A minimum ninety day advance notice period is mandatory. And if we do not find a replacement, we promise to buy out your equity investment ourselves.

Art Invest Partners membership program

I have a short-term membership. Will my co-owned artwork be included in exhibitions, fairs, and other industry events?

A co-owned artwork from our specific list of short-term investments will probably not be included in our exhibition, or in any other long-term promotion schedules. A minimum six- to nine-month planning and preparation period is required for a professional art event.

This plan is for straightforwardly selling an artwork for a specific profit.

What is the mission of the Art Invest Partners program?

We offer individual solutions to profit from art trading. Fine art is an increasingly attractive alternative to traditional investment assets. Wisely chosen, art pieces extremely likely to rise in value over time and worth considerably more in the future than what was paid for them when bought.

What is Art Invest Partners membership and what do you offer?

We offer a specific list of artworks to our qualified members - Art Invest Partners, allowing them to acquire a co-ownership share for profit. After the sale of the artwork all relevant Art Invest Partners receive their share of the profit. The profit rate is based on the membership plan.

What is the process of becoming an accredited Art Invest Partner?

The process begins when the candidate provides their personal information and schedules an interview with a dedicated account manager. Based on the interview results, the company will, at its sole discretion, decide if the candidate qualifies to become an Art Invest Partner.


Are there any risks?

We believe there are risks involved in any kind of investment. However, there are no market fluctuations or crashes in fine art investment, and the guarantees and securities we offer to Art Invest Partners substantially reduce any remaining risks.

Also, we hope that you interpret our commitment to provide Art Invest Partners with a guaranteed profit at the end of their membership period as additional security.

What if things go wrong?

There are U-turns in life we can’t foresee, so it’s better to be prepared for such turns and bumps. Selling the artwork is our obligation, and therefore it’s our responsibility, too.

Here are some possible scenarios and how they’ll be handled if things go wrong.

1. The artwork was not sold within your membership period.
We will offer the opportunity to prolong the membership period, offering you an additional portion of our share of the profit. We pay for this with our share.

Why might this happen?
There are several potential reasons. For example tectonic shocks on the market, or, on the contrary, an indication of potential aggressive growth of the market, a wrongly estimated short initial hold period, etc.

2. Temporary disability of the company.
Even in case of a temporary disability of the company your investment is protected. We transfer the ownership of the artwork to you, and it becomes your property in full without additional payment.

This means that at any given moment your investment and your profit are protected.

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