We offer the opportunity

to acquire co-ownership

in artwork and receive up to

75%and higher

and higher profit after selling.



The Art Invest Partners is a profit making program.

We buy and sell artworks.
We buy artworks with our own money and create collections.

As specialists, we estimate the potential resale value of a particular piece over the coming years and the eventual profit that could be made from each artwork.

Then we offer you the opportunity to buy an equity share in a particular artwork or collection. Each share costs 1 euro.

You don't have to be an art expert or have knowledge about fine art at all to become an Art Invest Partner and buy equity in artwork.

It is our responsibility to make all efforts to ensure a highly profitable sale. This will benefit both parties by maximizing the profit of our mutual investment.

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You may cancel your membership status whenever you wish and your investment will be returned to you in full.

We guarantee to buy out your share of any unsold artwork on the completion of each membership period and pay out the initial guaranteed profit amount.

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Art Invest Partners is a unique new concept for investing in fine art.
We bring commitment to your investment to a completely new level –
one that no other company on the market provides.


1. We offer a guaranteed return of your investment.
No one else on the market does this.


2. Your profit is guaranteed.
At the end of your investment period we pay you the guaranteed profit amount.
No other company guarantees your profit.


3. The co-owned artwork is insured and covered for all major risks.
Your name as co-owner is specified on the insurance policy.
No other company offers this.


4. You can access the program even with a limited budget.
Starting as low as 2000 euro.
No other investment project offers an amount this low.


5. You buy equity in the artwork from our existing list, and not
imaginary works in a hypothetical future.
No other investment project offers this business model.


6. Unlike others we do not charge management fees.
We get our share after a profitable sale, so we are motivated in
trading with the highest possible profit margins.


7. Our policies are transparent and our relationship is straightforward.
As it should be between partners.

We believe these are good reasons to work together.

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In the world of fine art stock market crashes, corrections and financial fluctuations are nonexistent.

Thus, the fine art investor has a relatively peaceful life when compared to the volatility of other investment types.

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